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7/20/11 - Last entry for this nesting season.  Not much to be seen at the nest at this time.  Still spotting ospreys in  the area but fewer and fewer. Many nests we are only seeing the male bird.  It is funny they seem to do this on que every year, I'll drive a couple of routes and just see the male bird in the nest.  This continues into August and then the skies are less lively until next year.  Our next steps for the DunedinOspreyCam will be to purchase and install a new high end camera with pan, tilt and zoom.  This will also increase reliability. Yeah!  I hope everyone has a great summer.  I will be posting some things during the summer as we have another osprey pole and platform going up at Odessa Elementary School.  This nest will be tracked an compared to nests at other area elementary schools such as Cypress Woods Elementary and with the Dunedin Cam nest. SIgning off.  BW
6/20/11 - Here is some video of the sibling osprey release. http://www.youtube.com/user/barbibird101664?feature=mhee#p/u/1/CM3sDqX73TY  BW
6/20/11 - Hi again!  It's me... I updated the osprey photos so make sure to take a peek. BW
6/20/11 - We have had many osprey rescues over the last week and a half.  I've seen a good deal of trauma and pre fledges but healthwise everyone looked okay until late late last week.  We are beginning to see severely emaciated ospreys.  We haven't had a spike in that since June of 2009 when it was very hot and we had lots of rain.  This caused run off and algae blooms.  Ultimately, the hot weather and then periods of heavy rain which affects visibility are climate change signals which are worthy of further study.  BW
6/9/11 - Here is another link to share about the osprey population in Wisconsin. http://www.jsonline.com/sports/outdoors/123512734.html.  BW
6/8/11 - Do we not have a cam?  I think it is down again.  Here is something to tie you over.  An osprey with an unusual wing feather.  Check out Jack Rogers photo at ! http://www.pbase.com/paleojack/image/135404370
6/6/11 - New ospreycam photos are up and new feature photos are up.  Make sure to scroll down to see them all.  Sad news on one Manatee osprey. BW
6/5/11 - We are in the fleding process. So are lots of other ospreys in the area.  A fledgling got into some trouble just on the other side of the golf course today.  He or she was being chased by crows.  He came in over a condo and then flying quickly and low slammed into the staircase at the condos.  He got wedged between the staircase and the rail.  An area realtor was keeping an eye on him for me but right before I arrived the  bird managed to fly away on his own.  It is unknown whether it was one of the ospreycam birds or not.  Another fledgling was also having trouble Friday and Saturday.  That bird was to the west of the nest and was hoping from power pole to power pole.  He stayed in one spot for 30 hours.  Last night he was not resighted.  Poor babies. BW
6/3/11 - 9:55am - Just 1 in the nest now.  Preening and just being an osprey.  BW
5/29/11 - 7:26am kids are sleeping in.  BW
5/28/11 - I'm looking at the nest at about 5:43am.  There is a lot of contrast because it is still dark.  Both of the young are in the back right.  I am looking at a spot which has had me curious in the left quadrant.  The pattern reminds me of mottling and I wonder if it is the remains of the third osprey chick.  We will be checking the nest after the ospreys leave.  BW
5/27/11 - Here is the video of the very upset osprey.  http://www.youtube.com/user/barbibird101664?feature=mhee
5/27/11 - The fate of one osprey is yet to be seen, but there is hope, despite her tragedy.  She was the victim of an incinerator.  See photos on photo features.  BW
5/27/11 - Mahalo!  Unfortunately we do not know the fate of the third osprey chick.  We have not had any banded ospreys come through rescue.  The area has been searched and nothing.  BW
5/26/11 - I have the impression this year, that in the absence of early and late nesting, that the ospreys mated the same day, laid eggs the same day, and are all fledging about the same time.  Calls about fledging ospreys and adults have been non-stop this week.  Some were ospreys going through the normal procedures, some were pre-fledges and are needing to hitch a ride to Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary, Save Our Seabirds or the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey.  We've seen lots of trauma this year with a consistent influx of broken legs on both ospreys and owls.  Some callers need assistance in identifying adult versus immature ospreys.  Check photo features today for a brief explanation of the plumage differences.  BW
5/26/11 - We really have some wing flapping going on today.  Hop, flap, fly!  BW
5/25/11 - Photos updated, take a peek! BW
5/25/11 - Here is video of that Portland, Oregon nest!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8WzkOm4VScBW
5/25/11 - I have a couple more sights to recommend.  Today see Ron Smith's website, www.Pinellasbirds.com, which features some pictures of Canada Geese.  What does Canada Geese have to do with Ospreys you say? Well then, read this absolutely intriguing article http://www.oregonlive.com/portland/index.ssf/2011/05/osprey_nest_moved_in_south_wat.html.  This story is perfect for an osprey lover or adventurist.  Enjoy!  And a BIG THANKS to Carol!  BW
5/25/11 - The cam has been down for quite awhile.  But back online today.  I am so far only seeing 2 osprey chicks. BW
5/20/11 - The camera is being checked.  In the meantime here is a tribute to one of our Pinellas Eagles. http://www.photoshow.com/watch/ey8Xb4RS?source=em_ps_show_recipient
5/13/11 More great photos and an article from the St. Petersburg Times. http://www.tampabay.com/specials/2011/photo_galleries/osprey_banding/  
5/12/11 - The banding went very smoothly.  The mother did not show much distress, just waited, with a fish and immediately returned when the banding was done.  It was very quick and easy!  Check the ospreycam photos for the banding photos.  More photos and video will be posted shortly.  The banding was conducted by Gabriel Vargo and Tony Steffer.  To hear their comments view WTSP 10 News between 5:30 and 6:00. http://www.wtsp.com/ BW
5/11/11 - All three chicks appear to be healthy and active.  The plan is to band the chicks tomorrow morning sometime between 9:30am and 10:30am. BW
5/9/11 - 3 osprey chicks still looking good.  All are active.  Check photo features for new photos today.  BW
5/5/11 - Yeah!  We're back up.  I still see 3 chicks and am delighted so far.  Mockingbird attack today at 8:12am.  We will be banding the chicks soon.  BW
4/27/11 - 7:50am - I see three thriving osprey chicks in this nest!  They are 18 days old now. BW
4/26/11 - Very sad to hear about the Norfolk Botantical Garden mother eagle.  It is being reported that she was killed by an airplane this morning.
With as many people that are watching the eagle cams this year I don't think there will be a dry eye in the house tonight.  We have set forth many examples of mortality causes on this website and we know that strikes of all types occur.  However, eagles, and ospreys are long lived species and recognizing them as individuals is key to their continued conservation. 
To see a really excellent online text about ospreys go to:
RIP mother eagle.  BW
4/25/11 - Please visit the Photo Feature page for new pictures, including the hook in the Honeymoon Island Bald Eagle's lower mandible.  Also, did you know we have two premiere bird hospitals in West Central Florida?  Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary, Indian Rocks Beach AND Save Our Seabirds, Sarasota.  http://www.saveourseabirds.org/  BW
4/25/11 - Here is Barb Suto, Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary,  holding one of the chicks.  Photo by Andrea Webb.
4/25/11 - I saw mother osprey off the nest about 825 and then she was right back on.  I think there are still three chicks but am not sure.  BW
4/25/11 - An osprey nest in a live pine was downed on 4/22/11.  The tree fractured at the bottom and could have had an internal problem such as beetles.  The osprey nest had 3 chicks and all survived.  They were cared for by Barb Suto of the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary. http://www.seabirdsanctuary.com/  We worked throughout the weekend to reach people who could help get the chicks back into the nearest tree on a temporary platform.  Today we found help from the City of Dunedin.  Gold star award for getting this job done as it was a time critical situation.  The babies are being monitored by Barb Suto and Andrea Webb.  I'll be posting video and more pictures soon.  Plus catching up on another daring osprey rescue that took place south of here last week.  My goodness the ospreys are keeping everyone busy!   by  BW

Photo: Andrea Webb


Photo:  Greg Moore

4/22/11 - I am still receiving reports that all three chicks are being fed.  That is promising.  In the last week we have lost 3 eagles in Pinellas County.   Two were young eaglets that barely made it out of their nests.  The other was an adult which was hit by a car about 4:30pm in Palm Harbor today.  Very sad, this eagle was chased down into a ditch by two ospreys.  The ospreys made it up and over the traffic but the female eagle is heavier and she didn't come up as high.  She ran into a black Ford F150 and broke her neck.  Area nests are being checked.  BW

4/21/11 - Unfortunately, the osprey chick from the floating crane barge did not survive.  BW

4/20/11 -  Mother is still brooding.  Here are some terms and definitions shared by the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey.  BW

"Brooding" is keeping newly hatched chicks warm. They are unable to thermo regulate until they are 11-14 days old, so the adults sit on them, though they are sitting higher in the nest than when there are just eggs.
"Roosting"-perching at the end of the day and throughout the night (or vice versa for owls)
"Incubation"-the amount of time needed for eggs to hatch. In eagles it's 33-35 days. The adults take turns so that the eggs are always kept warm. They are very low in the nest while incubating.
Here is an updated photo of the osprey chick from the floating crane barge.

4/14/11 - This mother osprey seems so particularly sweet to me.  She flew off the nest at 11:42pm.  She came right back. BW

4/14/11 - I saw the parents ripping up a fish together this afternoon.  It was really neat.  All three of those chicks were reaching up for food.  Any additional observations on feeding patterns out there?  Make sure to check photo features for new pictures today.  The osprey chick that hatched at the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey is doing well.  The hatch date is within days of the cam hatch date.  I visited one of our elementary school platforms today, Cypress Woods Elementary, and that pair still incubating, expected to hatch anyday now.  I saw a little alligator behind the fence there today.  That little guy was no more than a couple of feet. Banding is being arranged for the cam nest.  BW

4/13/11 - Photos Courtesy of Audubon Center for Birds of Prey



4/13/11 - Media Clarification - No Audubon members participated in the nest move. BW



4/13/11 - Server is temporarily down but we will have it back up soon, probably by end of week.  Plans are currently being made to band the osprey chicks when they are big enough.  BW

4/11/11 - A big thanks to April.  April saw ospreys feeding 3 chicks!

4/10/11 - Thanks KB!  Feeding of 2 young at 1:15pm.  BW

4/9/11 - To see video of the activity this morning visit http://www.peregrinefalcon-bcaw.net/.  You will need to register but you will see a compiliation of Bird Cams Around the World.  The DunedinOspreyCam is one of them.  You will find the video of 3 adult ospreys in the nest this morning under ospreys.  BW

4/9/11 - I think they might have hatched!  The server is turned off right now- 7:46am - but should be back on soon.  It is possible to take a picture from the camera even with the server off.  Here is what was going on this morning.  BW


 4/7/11 -  Day 39! I rescued an osprey in Tarpon Springs today.  He had an injured wing.  We didn't feel that it was shattered.  It is being cared for at the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary.  Photos on the photo feature page.  BW

4/6/11 - A perfectly beautiful day in Florida today, cool and breezy.  A great day for birding, or for a ride on a tugboat to see an osprey nest built on top of a crane on a barge that needs to pull out.  Check photo features to see this nest.  Wildlife officials are looking into the matter.  One osprey at the Indian Rocks Beach Bridge pre-fledged and was rescued on the ground by the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary today.  I found 3 nests on power lines in Oldsmar, and saw 1 dead coyote on the road.  An unusual day.   Meanwhile, at the ospreycam, we wait, hoping for hatching to occur soon.  BW

4/5/11 - Well, we had a little more bad weather today, particularly early in the morning.  I am happy to say that the nest which was about to fall was fixed yesterday.  Please watch the photo features to see photos and read more about that effort.  Our osprey cam nest should hatch any day now. We did have a total of 3 eggs with egg laying beginning about 2/27 - 2/28. That would make this day 37.  BW

4/1/11 - The ospreys are about due to hatch.  The father landed in the nest today when I was at the cam site.  A nest on the other side of the course fell in the storm and the egg shells were scattered about.  The formed chicks were there yesterday but predators must have taken them in the night.   The leaning nest chicks were okay and being fed today.  Several people are working hard to find an quick solution to keep the  osprey family safe. BW

3/31/11 - The osprey on the platform in Dunedin which is falling is at a 45 degree angle.  Osprey is still hanging on there with a wing  over one young and some talons were spotted which were not moving.  Still hoping for help for this little osprey family.   Photos of our area today.  http://www.tampabay.com/specials/2011/photo_galleries/march_storm/ BW

3/31/11 - She is still hanging in there despite some very nasty weather.  Heavy winds and rain today.  One nearby platform has been blown from the pole and is hanging at an angle.  The mother osprey and either eggs or young cling on while they wait for help.  We are working on that now.  Lots of wires down and blown transformers today throughout the county.  Trucks tipped on their sides.  Accidents and emergency calls heavy in Indian Rocks Beach, Seminole, Largo areas.  The Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary has made it through the storm in tact and have rescuers out and active today.  This reminds me of the April 14, 2009 storm when we had plenty of losses of osprey young.  BW

3/25/11 - Aww, that poor little mama has been sitting there for a long time now!  Almost a month since the first egg was laid.  Incubation 35 - 42 days.  I hope we see some action around the first week of April.   BW

3/24/11 - She looks pretty nestled in there now.  She is really buried in that nest! BW

3/24/11 - I haven't been able to see the cam!  In the meantime I am looking at these pictures. BW


3/21/11 - Incubation continues.  We should see hatching around April 2nd if all goes well.  BW

3/18/11 - Welcome back!  Still incubating :) BW

3/15/11 - The power supply needs to be worked on by the electrical crew.   I hope for a quick fix.  BW

3/13/11 - There is a power issue at the cam site.  It will be looked at Monday. BW

3/9/11 - Here is a short clip of an osprey having a snack yesterday.  http://www.youtube.com/user/barbibird101664?feature=mhum

3/9/11 - So far so good at the ospreycam.  Here is a story about a webcam eagle you might like. http://www.king5.com/news/environment/Rescued-Eagle-Turns-Out-To-Be-A-Star-117620158.html

3/6/11 - Incubation seems to be going along well, at this point settled into the deeper nest cup and comfortable.  BW

3/3/11 - You can view video of and osprey at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNJeRhqz-bY.  This particular osprey was rescued this evening in Tarpon Springs.  The injuries are visible at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3fk7Fbephg BW

3/3/11 - She is sitting on two eggs now and seems more comfortable.  Okay, incubation 35 - 42 days. BW

3/2/11 - If any nest has had a rough start, this is the one.  Intruders, cameras, humans, osprey neighbors, wind, and rain and probably inexperience.  We think this is a new pair, not the same pair from last year.  The 1st egg might not hatch, although it has been fairly warm here.  We will have to wait and see.  Another egg has not been laid yet, as far as I know.  So if you see two eggs please email me at barbibird@tampabay.rr.com.   BW

3/1/11 - It is pretty windy again. BW

3/1/11 - She spends a lot of time standing over the egg or mantling which is a protective posture.  BW

3/1/11 - Experts have been consulted.  If an egg has not been incubated it will remain viable for up to a month. Sometimes females will delay incubating the 1st egg to attempt to get the 1st and 2nd egg to hatch the same day.  Very interesting.  BW

2/28/11 - Now she is sitting on the spot where I thought the first egg was and I see an egg off to the right? Huh?  She is trying to trick me. The male osprey is on top of the camera right now per Wilf.  Pics later.  12:39pm BW

2/28/11 - Wind is moving that camera around a lot.  Mother is having trouble settling onto that egg.  I think there is just 1 egg after all.  I blew up the photo and the other spot might have been a light colored branch.  Wilf is reporting low osprey activity at the course as of about an hour ago.  We'll have an update again this afternoon.  BW

2/28/11 The female osprey was on the nest at 11:44pm, last night.  This morning there are 2 eggs in the nest.  She is trying to adjust them so they are closer together as she is unable to sit on both at the same time.  She is settling into an incubating position.  BW

2/27/11 - Hi!  Just returning after being away for a week.  I will have updates as the week progresses and will be posting some photos.  BW

 2/18/11 - 6:47am - 1 osprey lands on the nest, another osprey flew in and chased the first osprey away.  This appeared to be more of a conflict than anything else.  BW

2/17/11 - 4:27pm lots of movement from the camera.  I suspect the ospreys are on the camera.  BW

2/17/11 - Mating at 3:33pm BW

2/17/11 - Female osprey was perching on the perch and arranging nesting materials this morning.  There is one stick sticking up that she doesn't seem to like.  It seems like she might have a tender foot or something.  She seems to be favoring the left foot.   It appears she doesn't really want to put the left foot down.

A big thanks to Marian Guttadauro and Wilf Yusek for keeping us up to date on the nest status while the cam has been worked on.  Thanks Dan and Scott for their hard work on this as well.  BW

2/16/11 - Ta da! BW

2/13/11 - Cam access still limitted, no notes at this time. BW

2/11/11 - Cam is live! 2/11/11

2/10/11 - Don't miss these phenomenal photos of the installtion  http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/alleyes/content/osprey-camera

2/10/11 - One more fuse to replace.  Raining here today, might slow things up a bit.  BW

2/9/11 - Configuration continues.  Fuses were replaced.  We should be online shortly. BW

2/8/11 - A new camera was installed this morning.  It was cold and windy.  Once the software configuration is complete we should have a picture for everyone again!  The ospreys landed on the platform several times while we were there, fought over fish, some competition was apparent, but once the work was complete the pair settled onto the platform together.   BW

2/6/11 - Ospreys have been seen mating.  BW

2/1/11 - The new camera has arrived and will be installed asap.  BW

1/28/2011 - Two ospreys seen at the platfom, mating not yet observed.  Relocated a nest in Safety Harbor today!  Check out the video at :

1/27/11 - 2 ospreys have been seen at the nest but mating has not been seen yet. There are potentially to more ospreys still competing for the platform.  A new camera has been ordered and installation is being pre-planned.  We hope to restore the camera by February 7th thanks to generous funding by Progress Energy.  This will work as long as eggs are not laid.  Check the photos section over the weekend for a great story about a nest relocation.  The ospreys on the railroad signal crossing will be moved tomorrow !  BW

1/17/11 - Mating has not been reported at the nest yet, although some nesting materials have been added including some moss at the top.  Within the last week several males have been seen near the nest and the female has been seen perching on top of the camera.  At one point Wilf Yusek reported an eagle flying through the territory.  The incubating periond is much later than we typcially see.  At this point we commonly see the ospreys along the coast incubating already, yet many have not yet begun.  If the delay continues, hopefully it will just be a blessing in disguise, and will allow us enough time to get a new camera up.  BW

1/6/11 - Camera seems to be down. I had some concern about this last night.  We had wind and lightning. BW

1/5/11 - Wilf Yusek confirmed that nest competition is occuring.  Go to OspreyCam Photos to see the photos of the interaction.  We are seeing nest competition to the north along the coast at several bald eagle territories, eggs close to hatching and hatchlings were destroyed.  At some cell towers we have seen eagles and ospreys.  Also north of Dunedin, at the Anclote Gulf Park,  a rare Kelp Gull has been spotted.  People are flying in from various locations throughout the United States to see this fabulous bird.  I'll post a couple of photos and some links for everyone to see shortly.  BW

1/5/11 - No mating or egg laying yet! Ospreys are pretty true to their schedules.  The cause of the delay is not known at this time. BW

1/4/11 - Both Barb Walker and Wilf Yusek visited Saint Andrews today.  The ospreys were perching along the tops of poles that hold up the netting.  Two ospreys were perching and present together on and off their platform at the other end.  Nothing out of the ordinary was observed during either vist. BW

1/4/11 - Dawn light on the nest and no osprey.  Skirmishes have been reported at the nest.  Ground check today.  Seems like there might be some mate/nest competition.  Hey!  Everyone wants to be a star!  Will post photos later.  BW

1/2/11 - 8:18am  - Calling and arranging nesting materials. BW

1/1/11 - Happy New Year!  Female osprey on the nest at 6:52am calling.  Natural light began showing on the nest at 6:54am.  7:00am she turned and jumped into nest.  7:03 male osprey flew into nest. Both ospreys faced east.  He stepped on a unbalanced branch and then at 7:08 decided to fly east.  She continued to chitter chatter.  7:09 she flew down off platform.  The nest cup is looking well defined.  BW 

12/31/10 - She is sitting in the nest this morning.  Could today be the day?  Please send a picture in if you see real evidence of an egg.


 12/30/10 - By this time last year an egg had been laid, so we should be on the lookout....

12/29/10 - Second morning of heavy frost.  No eggs yet....but obviously both parents made it through a very cold night.

12/28/10 - A frosty, cold Florida morning

12/27/10 - Cold windy night in Southern Florida.  Birds on and off next today.  It is supposed to go below freezing tonight!

12/23/10 - Camera has been off-line for several days but now is back on due to the efforts of Dunedin Parks and Recreation, IT and facilities.  Thank you one and all.

We will expect eggs to be laid by the end of the year!!!!

12/11/10 - It is a foggy, chilly morning in Florida.  The couple have staked out the nest, added to it  and spend some time on it each day.



12/10/10 - Camera goes live thanks to efforts of Dunedin Parks and Recreation, IT Department and Zucker and Zucker Marketing.


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