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June 19 -Several viewers are concerned about the banding that took place at the nest.  Some viewers think perhaps the chick was put at risk because of the banding.  Rob Bierregaard is a professor at UNC-Charlotte and has been studying osprey migration since 1969.  This is his opinion regarding banding.  

"I know how disappointed everyone is about losing the young in this nest and realize how tempting it is to blame the loss of the bird on banding, but I don't think that was the issue. I don't know if the necropsy has come in, but in almost all the pictures I see from before the loss, Sparky did not look healthy. In most of the pictures, including the "memorial" picture, his/her eyes are not wide open. That's the sign of a sick bird. It could be, of course, that a single snap from the video would catch the eyes opening or closing, but there are too many like that I think to be just chance.
As for banding--no, it's obviously not necessary, but we have learned a lot of important information about Osprey migration, movement, and migration from over 30,000 Ospreys that have been banded. Most of these were young, and I've never heard of a bird dying while it was being banded. Sure, it's a stressful event, but the birds seem to get over it really quickly, and there's no indication that banding increases mortality."

You might want to visit Dr. Bierregaard's website about Osprey migration.  It is a fascinating.  Be sure to look at the 2013 map.


If you like ospreys, you will love this video!

6/10/13 - The third and final chick died. An necropsy is being done to determine cause of death.

6/7/13 - Marlene Spence took a great pic of chick flexing wings.

6/6/13 - TweetDreams1 made a  fabulous video of the female osprey, Pinella, tucking in the chick with Spanish moss in preparation for the storm.

6/4/13 - Connie Finlay got this great picture of the chick being fed breakfast.

6/4/13 - The chick is doing the preening!

6/3/13 -

6/1/13 - Bright eyed chick on first day of June.  Picture snapped by Peter Robinson

5/31/13 - A fresh fish breakfast for the chick - SJ

5/30/13 - Nice picture of mom and chick by Marlene Spence

5/30/13 - Chick taking a nap on a warm Florida morning - SJ


5/26/13 - Chick well comouflaged on Memorial Day - SJ

5/24/13 - Breakfast looks good! SJ

5/17/13 - Great picture of female and chick taken by Marlene Spence

5/17/13 - TweetDreams1 took a fabulous picture of the chick with a full tummy and a full crop.  Obviously the male, Stirling, is doing a great job bringing in the fish.

5/16/13 - Gerrie sent this great picture of Pinella and the chick apparently watching for Stirling to bring more fish.

5/15/13 - Marlene Spence took a picture of a very protective mom.  Must have been some predators in the area.

5/11/13 - Looking around at the world!

5/20/13 - Big fish for an excited chick! SJ

5/19/13 - I'm back in Delaware and finally have my computer up and running!  Thanks for all of the wonderful pictures you all sent while I was offline. Sparky Jones


5/10/13 - Chick looking around.  Female is on the perch, probably waiting for male to bring breakfast. SJ

5/9/13 - Chick getting "early bird dinner special" - SJ

5/8/13 - We are missing another chick.  We don't know if this chick is missing because of predators. lack of nutrition, or natural causes.  Let's hope the female, Pinella, does a good job taking care of the last chick.


5/6/13 - Marlene Spence documented how fast the chicks are growing!!!!

5/4/13 - Sad day - The smallest and youngest chick has not been seen since this morning.  We have to assume that the chick died.  In this picture that TweetDreams1 took, we see that the other two are doing quite well.



 5/2/18 Picture caught by Marlene Spence shows the Pinella feeding the triplets dinner.



4/30/13 - Robyn Miller caught lunch being served to the triplets today.



4/28/13 - There are three!!!      Nancy Abouhanna snapped a fabulous picture of the triplet chicks.

4/27/13 - Douglas Yarbrough caught a wonderful pic of the chicks being fed dinner last evening.


4/26/13 - Jo caught a great picture of the two chicks this 8:30 a.m. 

4/25/13 - First hatch!!!!  Arrow pointing at shell that was removed from around the chick.  Lots of feeding wiil take place for many weeks until the chicks are ready to fledge.

Picture taken by TweetDreams1



4/23/13 - Nancy Abouhanna caught the couple waiting for the eggs to hatch.


4/20/13 - Nancy Abouhanna caught the female napping Saturday night.  In the picture you can see the nictitating membrane covering her eye.  This membrane protects the eye as well as cleaning and lubricating the eye with each blink.


4/17/13 - Doug Yarbrough took a good picture of one of the eggs that will be hatching any day now.

4/15/13 - On tax day, TweetDreams1 confirms that there are two nest eggs. That is the male checking out the eggs while the female takes a break.



4/13/13 - TweetDreams1 caught lots of egg rolling taking place.  Hatching should start this week.  Still not sure if there are one or two eggs. SJ




4/12/13 - Morning snooze

4/9/13 - Nice pic of the couple by TweetDreams1


4/4/13 - A rainy day in Dunedin - SJ


 Nice Monday morning pic of female taken by Mary Ranneberger.

3/31/13 - Osprey egg seen on Easter Sunday.  Picture snapped by TweetDreams1

The ospreys have visitors!

3/30/13 - Ospreys keep their talons tucked under while walking around the nest when there is an egg present.


  3/26/13 - Incubating on a cold, windy Florida morning.  Thanks Mary Ranneberger.


3/21/13 - A tender moment at the nest.  TweetDreams1 caught the couple touching beaks.



3/16/13 - Anne Lavelle caught picture of first egg!!!!  Took place Saturday afternoon.  TweetDreams1 made a video of the event.


Osprey info: The nictitating membrane is a transparent or translucent third eyelid present in some animals that can be drawn across the eye for protection and to moisten it while maintaining visibility. Some reptiles, birds, and sharks have full nictitating membranes

Unlike the upper and lower eyelids, the nictitating membrane moves horizontally across the eyeball.


 3/20/13 - Marian G caught Pinella napping.

3/19/13 - Nice article in the Dunedin Patch about the Ospreys.

3/19/13 - A whopper of a fish.  VIDEO made by TweetDrams1.


3/16/13 - Anne Lavelle caught picture of first egg!!!!  Took place Saturday afternoon.  TweetDreams1 made a video of the event.



3/14 -Nice photo by Carol Craig on a sunny morning.


 3/12/13 - Photo  caught by Carol Craig on a wet morning in Dunedin.


3/9/13 - Well here is a new one!  The male brought in a crab for breakfast.Watch this VIDEO  All captured by TweetDreams1.Look at the Ospreys expressions.


 3/7/13 - Watch this VIDEO to see what happens to the large fish that the male brought to the female.  All captured by TweetDreams1.



3/5/13 - Fish brought in by male to female.  Caught by TweetBirds1

3/2/13 - Marian caught a nice picture of the couple working on the next generation.....


3/1/13 - Carol Craig caught both of the Ospreys at the nest this morning.



2/27/13 - Marian took a picture of visitors to the nest this morning while the Ospreys were gone.

2/26/13 - Great picture of the female by Carol Craig



2/26/13 - Rainy, windy day in Dunedin.  Couple at the nest. Strangely enough the female is on the perch and the male in the nesting cavity. SJ


 2/23/13 - TweetDreams1 captured the female bringing bedding to the nest this morning.

2/22/13 - Carol Craig posted this fabulous closeup.


2/20/13 - Nancy Abouhanna, Dunedin resident and Osprey lover snapped this picture "after they tried mating , the male flew to the nest and was arranging sticks as she was on the perch preening."

2/19/13 - Camera has been down for several days, but thanks to Scott Falcom of the Dunedin Internet Technology, it is up and running again!  Thanks Scott.
Today the male interrupted the female while she was having breakfast that he brought to her.  TweetDreams1 caught agreat videocalled Love is in the Air
The camera has been down for several days.  We don't know whether it is because of the recent heavy rain storm or maintenance at the golf course.  We are working on a solution.
The couple has been hanging very close to the nest and we expect  egg laying to happen at any time.  In the picture below you can see the nest/platform to left, the camera post with one osprey on it and a light post with the other osprey on it.
2/12/13 - TweetDreams1 made this nice VIDEO of the couple.
2/12/13 - Nancy Abouhanna took this nice pic of the couple.
2/11/13 - Mary Ranneberger took this picture on a very windy day in Dunedin, FL. She said "I just caught them trying to mate but the wind blew him off."
The male is on the left with white chest.  The female has speckles on her chest.
2/10/13 - Nancy Abouhanna took a nice picture of the couple at the nest.  They moved sticks around and then  took off together.  We are all hope that eggs come soon.
2/6/13 - The couple fights off an intruder.  Pic caught by TweetDreams1
2/3/13 - Anne Lavelle took a pic of the couple on Super Bowl Sunday.
2/1/13 - Dunedin resident, Nancy Abouhanna went to the nest after work around 6pm and was lucky
to be there when the male was sitting on the pole next to the nest.  Another male
tried to go to the nest and our resident male chased him away.  He then went to
perch on top of the camera.

The first picture is of him calling out in defense with his wings
spread and the other is of him after he chased the intruder away, he is perched on top of 
the camera.
1/29/13 - TweetDreams1 saw both birds on the nest after doing some nest restorations.
1/27/13 - Intruders at the nest!  TweetDreams1 saw our couple fight off the intruders.
1/26/13 - TweetDreams1 made this video of the female on the nest.
1/26/13 - Nancy Abouhanna took pic of the couple on the nest.  The male has white chest and the female has speckles on her chest.



1/23/2013 - Nancy Abouhanna snapped a picture of the couple on the perch this morning  and the female on the nest.  SJ


1/19/13 - Couple very active on the nest today.  Lots of rearranging of sticks SJ




1/10/13 - new residents?  photo by TweetDreams1

12/30/12 - Kelly A caught the couple in the act early Sunday morning.

Anne from Wildlife Forum caught a nice picture several hours later.

12/23/12  - preening


12/15/12 - two visitors to the nest

12/15/12 - A foggy morning in Dunedin, FL.  Picture caught by Kelly A

12/14/12 - guarding the nest from the perch


12/13/12 - guarding the nest



12/10/12 - Views of the platform/nest as seen from the ground.  Taken by Douglas Yarbrough



12/6/12 - a Loggerhead Shrike views the nest.


11/26/12 - The city of Dunedin moves the camera further away and above the nest to provide a better view for this season.


Mike Snelling working on wiring.  This was his last day of working 38 years for the City of Dunedin.

11/10/12 - first documented sighting on the nest for 2012-13 season.  Picture taken by Douglas Yarbrough of Fine Art Nature Photography.











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